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Rotonde De Cartier Flying Tourbillon Crocodile Theme Watch Hands

One of the most exciting things to watch every SIHH show visits to Cheap Cartier Replica Watches and see their new limited edition artwork, often revolving around animals. Last year, we gathered together some of the coolest Cartier watches in the “high” art. In 2013, Cartier offers a limited edition watch of the novel “Save Art”, and we will share some of the best with you… from the Rotonde de Cartier flying the Taublon rotating mechanism crocodile pattern watch.

Using a natural stone agate, a crocodile relief is attached to the Cartier dial. They also threw the action in a small Turbine rotation mechanism. Agate is a common but beautiful stone that I believe is similar to amethyst. I found it mainly in volcanic rocks I understand it. Agate is blue and further tends to have a variety of shades of blue, lightening towards the center. By selecting the right block agate stone engraving, a skilled artist can take advantage of color changes to benefit them. Sure enough, in this Cartier Replica Watches you can see that the part of the agate is used to emphasize the light blue color of the crocodile head, but the lower part is dark blue. This is a beautiful effect.

And agate stones may not be seen, hand-carved agate dial watches. This is one of the interesting artistic skills, and brands such as Cartier want to use the audience with very limited impressions from time to time. Therefore, Rotonde de Cartier flying the Babylonian rotating mechanism crocodile pattern watch will be no more than 30 people in the hands (I mean on the wrist). I want to know if it is the same group of people eagerly awaiting new Cartier artwork every year, or if Swiss Cartier Watches can expand these interesting niche market luxury.

In fact, those unfamiliar Cartiers should know today that the leaders of this brand offer two very classic mainstream entry-level luxury timepieces and excellent ultra-high-end works, either focusing on art or high-class horology to even the most dedicated watch hobbies. By. Yes, I said a lot of words, but it is important to express the level of product diversification, Fake Cartier Watches has promised to provide luxury goods market. Most people wear Cartier Santos, water tanks or Pasha may not know the existence of Cartier.

The bottom of the case is used for this model Rotonde de Cartier, a staple of many high-end creations. Available here is 42 mm wide and 18 k white gold. “Rotonde” is a simpler case of Cartier, with thin round lugs, gently bending downwards. Polished and rounded borders are designed to look thin and provide a wide view. The case of the most “Cartier” element is the crown with a unique control and pointed sapphire crystal cabochon.

In the flight of the Babylonian rotating mechanism crocodile pattern watch Cartier Replica internal caliber MC 9452 movement. This is a manual wound just for the time and movement characteristics of the flying Tauber rotating mechanism. Sport is also a bear Geneva seal, which means it follows certain decorative and performance guidelines, as well as being built in Geneva, Geneva. Cartier wants to make its movements clear in ownership, and the engraving logo is made up of three “C” elements which are adjacent to the touribllon and other movements. You can see the movement through the rear sapphire crystal display.

The Rotonde de Cartier flying Taurrhen Rotating Mechanism crocodile-patterned watch will get as good as the Taurangan rotating mechanism (or crocodile pattern and crocodile). Besides, the tourbillon adds that the art of the more luxurious icing cake is degenerate. For me, the focus of this observation is on the face of an expressive crocodile. Maybe a portrait of a crocodile belt lends to his skin? Or is a more philosophical life and choice of people accepting ultra-luxury timepieces? Life is fast, deadly, hungry animals waiting for you. Why don’t you like it when you may eat you tomorrow? Or it might just be a friendly prehistoric reptile looking for some milk and snacks. Cartier will produce only 30 pieces of the limited edition watch of the Rotonde de Cartier flying turkey pattern of the Taublen rotating mechanism.

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Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire Watch Hands

Cartier Replica Watches launched several highly sophisticated novelties in the 2014 SIHH. We have already discussed the Rotonde de Cartier Earth and the Moon Taurus Rotating Mechanism, and now Ariel has embarked on another Tourbillon rotating body called the Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire. The two pieces share several key functions: the hour and minute eccentric dials, all living in the same Rotonde de Cartier Platinum – except for the difference of two millimeters in diameter, with a one-minute tourbillon.

The similarities end, however, both novelty offers a very different approach to capturing the hearts, walls, and unique complications of the fans. The main feature of Astrocalendaire is the multi-layer, concentric perpetual calendar. The same sound, the result is amazingly simple: located in the center of the observation around the three rings flying the Babylonian rotating mechanism, each dedicated to display the week, month and date. Because of this configuration – reminiscent of the ancient Roman amphitheatre – Cartier Replica perpetual calendar provides legibility for other watches.

On all three layers, the exact date stamp is the French blue brackets that appear to float on the ring’s mark. Reading information from three layers and their rectangular frames are poor in some lighting conditions, but the way the rings are stacked so close makes it faster and easier to read than other calendar watches. It has been said that one sign is missing, although it may not be immediately apparent, even for those weaknesses of the complication, which is a leap year. It can be seen that through a transparent case, the jump and non-leap years are represented by a hand as a bridge of movement.

Abnormal repression, other elements – but still positioned at the center of attention is the flight of the Babylonian rotating mechanism, the bridge of the famous sports capital “C”. The interior design and manufacturing movement, called the 9459 MC, is actually a low-production assembly workshop in Cheap Cartier Replica Watches, so it is a qualified seal in Geneva, Geneva. Since 2011, seals have not only proved the origin of the sport and the quality of its completion, but also included a test of timing performance. Through testing, simulating a full-week-worn watch, the movement can reach the seventh day of the maximum final deviation of 60 seconds. Although not as strict as COSC requirements (4 + 6 seconds per day), it is still quite demanding and highly complex watches – Astrocalendaire undoubtedly.

Good legibility and seemingly simple, the Astrocalendaire behind is equipped with a sophisticated system that is protected and easy to use calendar mechanism. Fake Cartier Watches so-called “partial patent wheel train mechanism” is essentially a mechanism that replaces most levers and springs in most perpetual calendars. The importance of this new system is in a more traditional fragile solution, one of which can seriously damage the calendar over-winding movement or attempt to change the date “when the time is wrong” – usually a few hours before and after midnight when the mechanism is kick in.

In almost all cases the highly and uniquely complex Best Cartier Replica Watches movement, Astrocalendaire also developed the Carol Forestier-Kasapi, the brand of the good watch. In addition to creating a multi-layer display and protective equipment training mechanism for this caliber, she also designed a new formation mechanism with her team, which should adjust the calendar display to be easier than the most perpetual calendar watch. Most of these watches have a lot of small scribe settings, and the days, months, and other signs can be set.

In the case of Astrocalendaire, the wearer can set the time, date and month crown, and do the “direction”, forward and backward. Although not completely unique to watch or manufacturing, it is a daunting task to achieve such a ease and complexity with a complex and fragile perpetual calendar. The difficulties involved further prove the fact that even in the internal development of the caliber, in addition to a calendar function is set to use the crown. The day is still adjusted by the case of a small propeller set.

Finally, create a more balanced dial, the hour and minute sub-dial and the “date amphitheater” blend well into a discreet 8-symbol, further enhanced the trend to use “8” – a special emphasis on numbers and figures Loyal and important customers from the Far East. This subtle distortion in the dial layout certainly has some balance and should make reading more difficult 4 to 8 o’clock. But you can spend time just staring at the Taurang rotating mechanism. Placed in a 47mm wide platinum Astrocalendaire is a limited edition version of only 100 pieces, priced at around €150000 or $205,000.

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Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Calendar Watch New 2015

Every year this is a wonderful time, when many brands are beginning to show that they have been working on SIHH 2015. Cheap Cartier Replica Watches is launching the new watch season to announce the annual calendar of Rotonde De Cartier, a well-balanced and innovative complication (not obvious Cartier) expression that only needs to be set once. The management of this type of complication sits on Cartier’s high-end watch production and its high-end horological department standards. Although the case of internal movement and precious metals, it certainly favors the latter.

The 18 k gold is white or pink, and Rotonde De Cartier’s annual calendar measures 40 mm wide and 13.26 mm thick. The dialing may put a lot of information, is minimal, polished, and short lugs. The king, in the real Cartier fashion, is decorated with blue oval sapphire matching the blue hour of the hour and minute hands. The annual calendar complication itself is not new, and the layout of the calendar information is the most interesting. For a few years, Cartier Replica Watches has been cleverly letting watch enthusiasts “reflect” some of the classic complications in a new way. Here, for example, you see a “lasting” visible week of spelling out the ring every day (we haven’t seen it yet), a red indicator that jumps in the current week.

Annual calendar complications require date, day and month displays, and Rotonde De Cartier’s annual calendar manages these through automatic winding, Cartier Replica caliber 9908 MC. With 32 jewels and a 48-hour power reserve, this 4 Hz campaign offers two important appointments showing 12, showing six points, one day a day showing the outer circumference dial. There is a small hammer-shaped hand (only flat tips can be seen, red). The movement seems to be very well done and can be seen through the sapphire showcase. This is a complication of exercise designed for everyday use, rather than occasional exotic complication-style watches.

Setting up the Rotonde De Cartier Annual Calendar is designed to be as simple as possible through the Crown and Fake Cartier Watches design systems. Just like a standard date function, the Crown on Rotonde De Cartier’s annual calendar provides windings, time settings, and then settings—all without relying on correction dates.

Simple also indicates the layout of the dial. When dialing busy, each element is easy to see, and the overall legibility seems to be good, although the time displayed in the gray dial model contrast seems to offer a lower version than the silver/white dial.

The dial design will feel handy in the case of Best Cartier Replica Watches, with large Roman numerals and a central UV link. I like the symmetry of this watch being placed to save the big date in December showing six o’clock. Add some extra visual effects that show the day although the light is cut into layers. This also makes all but the top hand hidden in the main dial, a clever way to manage the chaos and the annual calendar display.

The Platinum model will be paired with a black crocodile belt for $34,000, while the pink gold version will be on a brown belt and carries a $31,000 price tag.