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Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Calendar Replica Watch 2022

Every year this is a wonderful time, when many brands are beginning to show that they have been working on SIHH 2022. Cheap Cartier Replica Watches is launching the new watch season to announce the annual calendar of Rotonde De Cartier replica, a well-balanced and innovative complication (not obvious Cartier) expression that only needs to be set once. The management of this type of complication sits on Cartier’s high-end watch production and its high-end horological department standards. Although the case of internal movement and precious metals, it certainly favors the latter.

The 18 k gold is white or pink, and Rotonde De Cartier’s annual calendar measures 40 mm wide and 13.26 mm thick. The dialing may put a lot of information, is minimal, polished, and short lugs. The king, in the real Cartier fashion, is decorated with blue oval sapphire matching the blue hour of the hour and minute hands. The annual calendar complication itself is not new, and the layout of the calendar information is the most interesting. For a few years, Cartier Replica Watches has been cleverly letting watch enthusiasts “reflect” some of the classic complications in a new way. Here, for example, you see a “lasting” visible week of spelling out the ring every day (we haven’t seen it yet), a red indicator that jumps in the current week.

Annual calendar complications require date, day and month displays, and Rotonde De Cartier’s annual calendar manages these through automatic winding, Cartier Replica caliber 9908 MC. With 32 jewels and a 48-hour power reserve, this 4 Hz campaign offers two important appointments showing 12, showing six points, one day a day showing the outer circumference dial. There is a small hammer-shaped hand (only flat tips can be seen, red). The movement seems to be very well done and can be seen through the sapphire showcase. This is a complication of exercise designed for everyday use, rather than occasional exotic complication-style watches.

Setting up the Rotonde De Cartier Annual Calendar is designed to be as simple as possible through the Crown and Fake Cartier Watches design systems. Just like a standard date function, the Crown on Rotonde De Cartier’s annual calendar provides windings, time settings, and then settings—all without relying on correction dates.

Simple also indicates the layout of the dial. When dialing busy, each element is easy to see, and the overall legibility seems to be good, although the time displayed in the gray dial model contrast seems to offer a lower version than the silver/white dial.

The dial design will feel handy in the case of Best Cartier Replica Watches, with large Roman numerals and a central UV link. I like the symmetry of this watch being placed to save the big date in December showing six o’clock. Add some extra visual effects that show the day although the light is cut into layers. This also makes all but the top hand hidden in the main dial, a clever way to manage the chaos and the annual calendar display.

The Platinum model will be paired with a black crocodile belt for $34,000, while the pink gold version will be on a brown belt and carries a $31,000 price tag.

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Cartier Calibre Chronograph Watch

Cartier released a brand new man’s watch called Caliber in 2010. But the brand of revolution is for a reason, the collection of Cartier Replica men brought into the 21st century. It is also a mass-produced watch that contains the internal Cartier movement – the previous thing only happened at their highest end.

I know that caliber will strike from the very beginning when I first discussed it here. Handsome, very correct size and a modern guy wants to be in Cartier. Determining the model Santos and the sports car is always popular, but I think Cheap Cartier Replica Watches needs a little sport and energy. Since the introduction of Cartier in 2010, the original design choice for adding bracelets has a chronometer in 2011 and 2012. Read this article for a complete practice review of the original Cartier watch (Bangle).

It is not difficult to predict, Best Cartier Replica Watches will build a new model and look at the calibre of features. In fact, caliber is a lot of high-end articles for them. Although these models differ from the basic caliber models because their target prices are very different demographics. This Cartier Calibre chronograph is the second version of the “mainstream luxury” caliber watch collection. From the original save as an example design is a constant chronograph scribe.

Cartier chronograph scribes insert the extended crown structure and look very elegant. In fact, if you look at the three grenades version of Calibre you will notice that the area now contains chronographs directly as if designing a plan from the beginning, and eventually there will be promoters. This may be the case. The 2012 caliber chronograph will have 42mm wide steel or 18k rose gold, and the bracelet or the option from the beginning is available.

The chronograph will measure the bi-compax chronometer for a full 12 hours. This means that you won’t have a second hand unless you have a stopwatch function. The subdials have been redesigned and finally completely symmetrical. Cartier Replica Watches also moved to the minute scale ring flange ring – a previously bare one with only a brushed metal finish. This change of appearance of the watch also makes the dial appear more powerful. The dial is now able to have a larger, more unique hour mark, once again in the form of a semi-Roman digital half baton (this is the Cartier version of California dialing?). You have the same type of decorative plate, but everything feels more solid and symmetrical. Cartier retained the “expanded” date window but moved to 6 o’clock. In short, I like to dial a lot, but I think Cartier designed a major hand a bit too short.

Inside the watch is a new movement built in the interior of Cartier 1904 MC. The new sport is easy to name 1904 – ch MC. It is an automatic column wheel-based chronograph and a 48-hour power reserve. Another sport is very attractive design and decoration. I love that part of the small Cartier “C” shaped wheel balance adjuster. You can see the movement through the sapphire exhibition caseback window.

The detailed caliber chronograph is quite good, it is a great way to enjoy the lighter bag that Fake Cartier Watches offers (good bracelet, sapphire crystal cabochon, good looking dial). I am looking forward to new colors and changes to the Calibre chronometer for a few years, but now these options are quite attractive. The Calibre chronograph is not a perfect design, but it is beautiful. I expect the price of the steel plate on the bracelet to be around $10,000. Cartier Calibre chronograph will be officially unveiled at SIHH 2013, after which I can share practical experience with you.

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Six Cartier High-Complexity Watches For SIHH 2016

Cartier is one of the few luxury Swiss watch brands. For a long time, it has maintained a series of extremely powerful main series of products, as well as a truly complex, unique and diverse Hout Howe. Haute horlogerie ultra high-end watch series. This undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on the company and Cartier’s sports creative department head Carole Forestier-Kasapi. Every year, they must increase their bets and surprise the world with sophisticated “advanced machinery” and stunning “high jewelry” watches. Let’s take a look at the six new high-complexity watches that Cartier Replica Watches has developed or improved. They will be officially unveiled at SIHH in Geneva, Switzerland, in January next year.

The Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon Watch was originally released at the 2014 SIHH with an amazing lapis lazuli blue dial. Earth and the Moon are a typical example of Cartier’s fine watchmaking approach: when it comes to the most technically complex and function-packed debris, Cartier, usually with complications and traditional design elements merging, creative new changes to Some other traditional features, and last but not least, some really useful signs.

First, a Calibre 9440 MC sports bag developed and manufactured internally with a tourbillon – ticked the traditional complications. The movement is 40 mm wide but only 5.65 mm thick and consists of 362 individual components. Secondly – this is a distortion of historical features – the watch shows the phase of the moon on a meteorite. With the help of a four-point thruster, it can move to the six o’clock position to cover the tourbillon below it. When you press another button, the disc moves in a way that matches the phase of the moon.

At the same time, the earth is represented by the dial on the center of the dial. It is also made of ochre, with two blue steel fingers pointing at the huge Roman numerals on the periphery of the dial, showing time and minutes. Around the indexing plate is a 24-hour display that can be individually adjusted, with the putter 2 – bringing a really useful display picture. All three boxes were ticked: tourbillon, proprietary moon phase display, 24-hour display… all of these boxes were housed in a 47 mm wide, 16.65 mm thick pink gold box with only 15 numbers. The Cartier pink-gold watch’s Rotonde de de Cartier Earth and Moon watch is priced at $235,000.

Cartier Cle de Cartier first made its debut at SIHH in 2015 (please see our experience of the main collection here), and since then, the series has seen a mysterious moment in Hong Kong’s watch & Wonders (with hands-on experience here) Additional features. Although so far, the latter iteration may be my favorite Fake Cartier Watches design, Cartier’s automatic skeleton also seems to be an amazing one. The 41mm wide, 11.45mm thick palladium case, the key design elements of the Cle element – ​​including the “key-like” rectangular crown – are fully embodied, and the dial and dial itself have become the skeleton of the typical Cartier crown.

What’s interesting here is – in fact a pretty impressive engineering achievement – the Cartier Replica 9621 MC is actually the first bone movement and automatic winding of maison – we will definitely see a lot of interesting metals. Cartier said that their engineers have put a lot of effort into achieving their latest results, adding an automatic winding rotor that is as invisible as possible. Therefore, the rotor has been skeletonized, it has only two center spokes and a very thin outer periphery, while the rest, um, is almost gone. This is done to expose the movement as much as possible, rather than covering it with a huge, solid 22k gold rotor.

The dial is characterized by large Roman numerals of 3, 6, 9 and 12, with bones and spokes of other indicators, which of course contribute to readability. The 9621 MC movement looks relatively simple – at 5.66 mm thick, the total is only 165 parts, but a closer look at it proved to be a clever design, not only the movement can carry its own components, but also as a meticulous and clear dial . I look forward to seeing this personal experience in SIHH 2016. The price of the Cheap Cartier Replica Watches automatic skeleton is $61,000.

Cartier Crash Skeleton also made its debut at SIHH 2015. It is a solid platinum case, which we create here. The story of the crash is really unique and appealing. If it is not a bit horrible, you can read more in the article you experienced. Best Cartier Replica Watches finally mentioned part of this story at its 2016 SIHH communications conference, which is good because it has never really been talked about publicly – at least we don’t know – since the crash in 2012 for the first time as a women’s watch since.

However, what makes Cartier’s crash skeleton truly unique is not only the history of its origin, but also its amazing movement. If there is any difference, the internal 9618mc caliber is more impressive than the inside of Cle discussed above, because in the crash event, this very strange, melted shape must be in order to conform to the shape of the case. Moreover, this movement is longitudinally curved, which makes the design of all components, panels and bridges more difficult.

The Cartier Crash Skeleton has a 28.15 mm x 45.32 mm casing, this time a 18k pink gold casing, similar to the Platinum version released earlier this year. The top of the movement is used as a dial with skeletonized Roman numerals and hands on the dial, as well as hand-beveled and polished edges. The price of Cartier Crash Skeleton is $68,500.

Cartier Rotonde de Cartier may be familiar with the days of retrograde day and night relative to those who followed Cartier into haute horlogerie for a while. Originally known as Cartier Rotonde Jour et Nuit (French for “Day and Night”), this watch is an excellent watch with a center minute hand but with a large, half-exposure disc to indicate Time – Do not mistake the center minute hand for a retrograde minute hand.

The lower disc has a sharp ray of light from the sun to show the time scale. When the AM/PM indicator turns into a night, there is a shining star above the moon to mark the time. In the upper part of the dial, the Roman numeral index of the semicolon 6-8-10-12-2-4-6 is placed in an odd number of diamonds on the hour scale. The Rong Ding 18k white gold dial is set with 118 diamonds and 28 sapphires. However, it is still legible.

The other hand in the middle is the retrograde moon phase indicator, which makes good use of the lower half of the dial. The internal movement is 9912 MC internal caliber, 290 parts and 48 hours of power reserve are charged by automatic windings. Cartier Rotonde de Cartier is priced at $94,000 for day and night retrograde phases.

The next step marking the complication of jewellery is the Cartier Pantheres and Colibri “on-demand power reserve”. “The on-demand functionality of mechanical watch movements is highly commendable because they mean the interaction between the wearer and the mechanics – making it a kind of timekeeping or moon phase indication we see above, and designing these functions is usually It’s not just about redesigning existing designs.”

In the case of Cartier Pantheres et Colibri, when the diamond crown of the watch is pressed in, the leopard (here the symbol of Cartier, 18k white gold, set with 270 bright cut diamonds) will have a cub “escape”, also That is. , appear on the dial, and then catch up with the hummingbird, when the hummingbird rests, close to the 3 o’clock position on the dial. When the little panther jumped out, the hummingbird took off all the way until 12 o’clock, and the flying height of the bird indicated the remaining energy reserve of the 9915 MC Cartier movement.

The 9915 MC calibre consists of 367 components running at 4 Hz with approximately 3 days of power reserve. This 4,275 mm wide white gold case features 314 brilliantly cut diamonds. Since it is a perfect round dial, it has plenty of room for a larger dial. Despite this, most of the space was left to the amazing black panthers, lying freely on the white gold dial, and the time indication was exiled to a limited space, only two small, sword-shaped Gold-plated steel hand. Of course, telling time is secondary, like high-end jewelry and precision machinery. The price of Cartier Pantheres et Colibri is $179,000 and the price of diamonds is $381,000.

The last of the six stunning pieces Cartier launched for the 2016 SIHH brand is Cartier Panthere mystery ieuse. Its 40mm wide case is made of lacquered 18k white gold black lacquer with bright cut diamonds and a black panther around the dial. With 533 diamond cut diamonds and 2 pear-shaped emerald eyes, this cat lies on the Cartier Panthere mystery ieuse watch, which is one of the most daring high-end jewellery watches for women.

The 9981 MC movement under the dazzling wildlife was actually discovered at the mysterious moment of Cartier Castle. The diameter of this hand roll is 4.61 mm, almost all parts are squeezed in 30% of the 31.9 mm wide space, and the rest are sapphire discs held by hand. A total of 158 parts are enough to process the movement for at least two days at a frequency of 4 Hz and show hours and minutes usually in such a mysterious, although not proprietary for Cartier – the brand has been producing models for a mystery clock since 1912 but was originally Invented by a French magician and watchmaker Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin in the early 1800s. The price of Cartier Panthere mystery ieuse is $180,000 and the price of diamonds is $364,000.

Cartier’s upcoming preview of the new SIHH 2016 has shown a series of very powerful exquisite watches and fine jewellery – although some of them are duplicates of some of the brand’s previous products, they are still impressive profound. Needless to say, more high-complexity works will be available in January next year, and there will be more major collections.