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Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Minute Repeater Mysterious Double Tourbillon Watch

In the chronicle of fine watchmaking, Cheap Cartier Replica Watches is rarely the first name to appear in the mind, but the French company has been quietly and continuously promoting its super-interesting high-end brands. For example: the recently released Rotonde De Cartier Minute Repeater mysterious double tourbillon – an ambitious, Geneva Seal certification invention featuring a 10-point tourbillon complication that seems to float in space.

This particular Cartier Replica Watches rhythm illusion is made up of its round “circular” series of cases – a soft, curvaceous new stage, Cartier shows its best complications. In this case, we got two kinds of caliber 9407 MC: one is a one-minute repeater, using a hard steel crucible; the other is a “floating” tourbillon, which consists of a rotating sapphire circle The disc is fixed and rotates every 5 minutes, and the tourbillon itself rotates every 60 seconds. The floating effect was inspired by the “mysterious” clock of Cartier in 1912. However, the most impressive of the entire package may be more than just a perfectly adjusted auditory note or visual wonder, but a technical feat of 448 individually completed parts packed into a box that is only 11.15 mm thick and 45 mm wide. .

Time-sharing repeaters and tourbillons represent two of the most challenging feats in the watchmaking industry, so putting them on a shared, surprisingly wearable arena is a feat in itself. But what really fits the Fake Cartier Watches turntable is the mysterious double tourbillon of Cartier’s extension (trying to say five times faster), how cohesive it seems to be – this is not a small task, especially considering the complexity we are dealing with. degree. Here we have black rhodium-finished sports bridges with contrasting round granulation and Geneva stripes – all collective Geneva seal logos – an ultra-exclusive certified quality, only less than 0.01% of Swiss watch exports are seen (you Read all about Geneva seals for our in-depth coverage). Despite its complexity and lack of symmetry (please note the hour and minute hands off the center), the dial still found an amazing balance in the negative space occupied by the floating tourbillon.

Launched at 4 o’clock via a push-rod trigger, the time-sharing repeater is designed around the four principles of sound optimization to provide the most enjoyable acoustic experience. These considerations begin with volume and richness – Cartier Replica wheels with ultra-light titanium and square enamels with hardened steel to maximize surface area for powerful sound vibration. The tone or sharpness of each note is also considered; the hourly tone is adjusted to B (the 5th octave) and the minute is adjusted to D (the 6th octave). Finally, the duration or resonance of the sound itself is maintained by a stationary inertia flywheel (visible at 7 o’clock) that adjusts the hammer’s striking speed to ensure that each strike is as consistent as the last time.

If there is no relative or signature sapphire on the 12 o’clock dial to the crown, nothing to look at, scream “Cartier” – this may be a good thing, especially for those who do not believe that the watchmaker is becoming more The more capable and the elite of the high-end watch industry that likes to confront each other. At the time of this writing, Cartier’s Rotonde de de Best Cartier Replica Watches Minute Repeater mystery dual tourbillon watch is priced at $449,400.

Cartier CLÉ DE Replica

Cartier Santos’ Watch In 2018 Will Be Favored By Buyers

In SIHH 2018, Cartier positioned the Santos series as one of the important highlights of 2018 (debuted at aBlogtoWatch). This means that the Paris brand has just launched a new version of one of the most famous square watches in history – this watch was born in the early 20th century, when the watch was a baby. In 2018, Santos’ collection provided many exciting new things for one of Cartier’s most important watch collections, and it was also a new reason for people interested in real classic watches. It’s hard to say that Cheap Cartier Replica Watches is better than Santos because I still feel that the outgoing generation model is very special. Despite this, Cartier has modernized Santos and has also attracted a significant number of new watch buyers.

Cartier is pleased to share with us the various models of the new Santos series. Santos is available in several styles and two models. There are 35.1 mm wide, 41.9 mm long, 8.83 mm thick “medium” Santos, Cartier Replica Watches is mainly for women, followed by 39.8 mm wide, 47.5 mm long, 9.08 mm thick “large” Santos, most men prefer. In addition to the different case sizes, another difference between the medium and large Santos cases is the presence of a date window on the dial. It is not in a smaller model and is present at the 6 o’clock position of the dial of the larger model.

Santos’s case has been completely redesigned by Cartier. Regarding the upgraded Santos, the most notable is how much it has been slimmed down. The previous iteration of men was called Santos 100, or Santos XL. The same size is about 38 mm wide, but it feels bigger because of the increased case thickness. Thicker, older models have a popular masculinity, but from an engineering point of view, the new watch is clearly more impressive, and the thinner size means that Santos is once again the best choice for men’s watches.

Waterproof 100 meters, Cartier Replica now also has the magnetic properties of Santos. Although this is more about sports, not the case itself. Those who are concerned about Santos will immediately discover that although the overall presentation of Santos in 2018 is similar to the previous version, there are still many changes. Perhaps the most obvious (except for the case ratio) is the border. It is no longer completely square, but now has a “lip” at the top and bottom, designed with a visually connected border and bracelet design. The bracelet will be described in detail later. The new border is sure to be popular with some people, but I can definitely understand that some people prefer the outward-looking square border design.

Without the border and the screws on the bracelet, Santos would not be Santos. This is an element that Fake Cartier Watches has not messed up, which is a good thing. Born in the era of metal architecture, many of the early 20th century items (including watches such as Cartier Santos) have the pride of modern industry.

Cartier maintains high readability on the new Santos watch because it retains the white dial and black marker and the blue steel hands. I think Cartier will introduce more dial colors in the future, but I suspect that none of them will be as clear as this color and texture combination. The blue on the hand is in harmony with the blue spinel cabochon in the crown. For a while, Cartier has stopped using sapphire crystals to make Crown Kabusson, except for their really high-end parts.

Another new feature of the Santos collection is the use of Cartier’s movements, not suppliers other than the Richemont Group. Cartier Santos is now equipped with a reliable Cartier caliber 1847 MC automatic movement. When considering magnetic resistance, Best Cartier Replica Watches does not use silicon parts, but they do claim to use non-magnetic metal alloys to make escapements and other moving parts, as well as magnetic shielding in motion. This is part of the new trend in the watch industry to apply diamagnetic technology to more and more sports as part of a “relevance” strategy. It is difficult to assume that brands such as Omega (with METAS certification) play an important role in driving this trend. The 1847 MC movement operates at 4 Hz and has approximately two days of power reserve.

The Santos bracelet has been completely redesigned and reintroduced. In fact, Cartier has not provided bracelets for the large case of the Santos brand for some time, and now this bracelet can only be used on female models for up to five years. Like the thinner case, the new bracelet has a thinner feel, but its single-piece horizontal links and screws maintain a classic look. I miss the previous strap buckle design and more detailed decoration, but the new system of the 2018 Santos strap is undeniably cool.

What are those new systems? Cartier calls them QuickSwitch and SmartLink. No, these features are not unique, but it’s great to see them being deployed in luxury watches. Although Cartier did not say this, I think it is safe to say that the new Santos bracelet is inspired by the metal bracelet of a similar Apple watch. QuickSwitch is a bracelet release system that allows you to easily release a button under the bracelet and release it from your ear. Similarly, other watches have this feature, but it is very good for Santos and very safe. QuickSwitch makes sense because Cartier hopes that the bosses of Santos can change the color of the strap and the color of the strap regularly. More importantly, when you buy Santos on the bracelet, Cartier includes a belt.

There is no tool for running SmartLink – this is probably a more innovative one of the two new Santos bracelet systems. SmartLink lets you press a small button on the back of the bracelet on some links, which frees the small plug that connects to the other link. This allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the size of the bracelet. Why is Cartier prioritizing such a thing? In addition to surprises consumers who like the similar features of the Apple Watch bracelet, this is part of Cartier’s more important strategy.

While experienced watch buyers can easily size their bracelets, most consumers lack the skills, tools or patience to size their bracelets. In the past, these consumers relied heavily on the staff in the watch store they purchased to determine the size of the bracelet. More and more Cartier sells watches directly to the public through its e-commerce store. This means that many people don’t even have the opportunity to let others size the size of their bracelets. Although you have different opinions about this situation, if you want consumers who buy your watch to be most satisfied with the purchase process, you should let them decide the size (or size) of the bracelet.

In 2018, the most exclusive version of Cartier Santos will be a skeletal version – it contains different, manual damage to Cartier’s movements. This is the first time Cartier has provided bone movement in a steel case, and we will focus on the Santos skeleton watch in another article. For these watches, Cartier offers all-steel, two-tone steel and 18k yellow gold, 18k yellow gold and 18k pink gold. All styles have straps and straps – in addition to the pink gold strap, it has two straps instead of a strap and a gold strap.

My first choice is still two shades of steel and gold-colored Santos, which I think is not only sharp, but also very much in line with my view of the Cartier brand. If you already have a Cartier Santos watch you like, I am not sure if there is a major reason to upgrade unless you are always looking for a thinner case. For those who have never had Santos in their lifetime, Cartier has given you a lot of good reasons to look at it. With a bracelet and a thinner size, Cartier officially created another very nice non-circular dress/official watch.

Cartier Santos’ 2018 model will be available around April 2018, with a large size starting at $6,850 (medium size $6,250). The price of steel and gold models in large sizes is $10,400 ($9,100), all pink gold models with large shoulder straps are $20,400 ($17,900 in media), and all gold or pink models on the bracelet And the large-size belt is $43,200 (medium size of $39,500).

Cartier CLÉ DE Replica

CARTIER DE CARTIER Watch Hands-on Hands

For Cartier fans, this watch has been around for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, Cartier Replica Watches did a lot of men’s watches, but the Cartier Drive de Cartier watch is a watch that I can confidently say. It can successfully expand the brand’s appeal, which has not been done for some time. Now. The reason for this is likely to be that it offers a variety of options from steel and gold to flying cars. In other words, the steel plate is the most affordable and most exciting to me.

Before I started to talk about the technical aspects of the watch, I wanted to talk about the shape of the Cartier-driven de Cartier watch. This is a new design of Cheap Cartier Replica Watches, looks like a pad type watch, there is a soft rounded corner on the dial, not a round dial. It works very well. They are all rich in depth, with an emphasis on the interaction between visual textures, contrasting different guillotine designs, flat dials, and even the “skeleton”, the space between Roman numerals in a flying tourbillon model to expose the following Guilloche.

There are three versions of the Fake Cartier Watches. Substrate models use white or black dials, both using 1904-PS MC motion. This is an internal Cartier automatic movement that operates at 4Hz and has time with a secondary seconds dial and date. This, like the Cartier Tank MC watch, is a trusted sport. Can people complain about date windows? Maybe. In fact, I was one of those who would rather not buy a watch, but it did not take as much from the watch. In fact, I can learn to love it, but I prefer the next one.

The steel and pink gold watch on the 1904-FU MC is a “little trouble” watch. These devices provide a second time zone dialing of 10 o’clock and a 4 o’clock day/night indicator. Although I was bored with the date window conversation, I must say that the 12-point big date window looks great, certainly better than the 3-dot window in the 1904-PS MC model. I know this is a taste issue, but if you must have a date window, then this is it.

Finally, there was Cartier Replica driving De Cartia Xabi watch. This watch uses a manual 9452 MC to move, showing only the time and the tourbillon. It also carries the seal of Geneva, which is a mark of some of the best known and highest quality tabulations. There is no doubt that this is a beautiful piece of work that will certainly attract the attention of collectors who are looking for something new from Cartier’s boutique watchmaking studio.

Interestingly, Cartier successfully released a brand new line, in a way that attracts collectors as well as distinct segments: leisure, even for the first time, to see buyers have been dreaming, and save, and a luxury mechanical watch to speak . Of course, there are watches like Cartier’s tanks and Cartier’s Santos, but the weight of all these history and sources makes it difficult for people in their 20s or 30s to truly relate to their legends. History is linked. They are the kind of watches you know that a cute and genial 80-year-old man spends most of the evening talking about your ear. Of course, I mainly refer to the steel model of the watch in this example.

Cattière may lose the myth of the origin of some of the most masculine classic cars in this watch design, and performed perfectly. The design of this guillotine was allegedly inspired by the radiator grill on the car, and the bolt-shaped roof was designed to cater to similar automotive themes. Of course, I do see their ins and outs. But to some extent, the best thing I can say about this watch is that I really don’t really care about the story behind the design. Cartier Drive de Cartier watch, this brand created a wonderful and beautiful clothes, I can wear every day, I am proud of its design and high-quality internal sports.

The Cartier driver de Swiss Cartier Watches will be available in May 2016, in addition to the small complication model that was launched in September. Earlier, I said I was very excited about the steel version of this watch. Of course, the reason for this is that the Cartier-driven de Cartier movement 1904-PS’s MC is very competitively priced in steel, with white dials selling for $6,250 and black dials selling for 6,500. Dollars. If you want a pink gold dial, you need to pay $19,300 for the white dial and $19,600 for the black dial. The white dial of the 1904-FU MC “small complex” watch sells for $8,750 and the pink gold dial sells for $22,700. In the end, the trapeze Tubiran sells for 89,500 US dollars.