Cartier Crash Radieuse Replica

Cartier Crash Radieuse Replica Watch

When the International Haute Horlogerie and Watches Fair 2018 was held, Cartier continued its advanced watchmaking aesthetic style, highlighting the combination of excellence and breakthrough innovation. Among many new products, the most brisk watch naturally and ultimately Cartier Crash Radieuse replica watches, breaking the creative limit, reinterpreting Crash watch design. Inheritance is “crushed” shape, giving a strong and unique sense of distortion. Next, let’s take a look at the real thing:

Inspired by a wristwatch, the watch was crushed in a car crash and returned to service when the Jean-Jacques Cartier, head of Cartier in London, was deeply distorted Attract, copy it, which gave birth to the Crash watch.

Crash watch is full of routine shake and break, for the meticulous, precise watchmaking field has introduced a humorous elements and elegant style. Over time, this watch has become one of the most valuable collection of watch models due to its extremely limited circulation. In particular, the asymmetrical dial design gives the wearer distortions and infinite associations. This year, the brand once again to this “accidental” masterpiece as the source of creativity, the introduction of Cartier Crash Radieuse watch.

18K gold case, an increase of distorted texture decoration, so that a more intense sense of distorting, full of artistic sense. The same material crown, on which a cone gem mosaic, shining and eye-catching.

Under the watch, the white dial also vaguely set a distorted gray scale, easy to watch. Roman numerals will be extended indefinitely deformation, depicting the dial in the middle of the ripple. Full of impressive temperament Crash replica watches swiss with more superior style, revealing the unique charm. A car crash in the deformation of the watch for the creative inspiration, after sublimation, reflecting the elegant and elegant temperament, full of confidence and style.

Blue Steel Kenshin Central minute hand, eye-catching, intuitive, and the gray Roman time scale echoed around the time indicating at a glance.

18K gold bottom lid, fixed by four screws, full of security. Equipped with Cartier 8970 MC workshop refined manual winding mechanical movement, to ensure accurate travel time.

Black leather strap, connecting the 18K gold folding buckle, easy to wear, comfortable texture. This swiss movement replica watches limited edition 50.