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Fake Santos De Cartier Skeleton Watch For Sale

Cartier Replica launched a new Santos de Cartier Skeleton Watch. Which has mostly identical features but a few that set it apart.

Santos de Cartier Skeleton Watch

This new version of the Santos skeleton fake watch is identical on most details. Keeping the aesthetics of the Santos intact mostly. The square shape of the watch remained mostly unchanged which also goes for the remarkable screws in the bezel and bracelet. We’ve seen the skeleton movement in the Santos collection before. However the biggest visual change is the shape of the bezel which now connects fluently into the bracelet.

For the metal bracelet there is an additional feature. Metal bracelets aren’t exactly known for having the right size when you buy a new watch. The new metal bracelet on the Cheap Cartier Replica Santos comes with a convenient ‘SmartLink’ system which makes it easy to change the length at just a push of a button. On the back side of selected links there is a little button which releases the bar. This way you can easily change the amount of links without damaging you bracelet.

What sets it apart

The great thing about the new Cartier Santos Replicacollection is that it comes with a bracelet and leather strap. So depending on your taste or mood you can choose which fits best. With a wide selection of calf and alligator straps there should always be something to match your taste.

All combined it’s great to see the new Cartier Santos and it sure looks good. Although a quick release system isn’t something you will use a lot it sure is convenient.