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SIHH 2021 Cartier replica watches

Cartier replica watches

This is the first time Cartier replica watches have made the whole movement into “mysterious time” 2021- you can see that the gear set, escapement balance wheel and spring box are “suspended” on the dial.

Cartier replica watches adopt a new movement structure: the movement is stacked and assembled on four sapphire crystal discs that can rotate – the hour hand is on one crystal disc, and the minute hand, gear set and spring box are on another crystal disc. As the spring box drives the balance wheel to operate, the crystal disc fixed with the minute hand also drives the whole movement to operate, forming a tourbillon structure that rotates for one hour.

Another ingenious feature is “how to chain the spring box”. In this watch, Cartier replica uses a separate crystal disc to connect with the chain structure of the crown. Rotating the crown drives the crystal disc to rotate the gear of the spring box, so as to chain the spring box.

The 43.5mm case of Cartier replica watches is made of palladium, which has better wear and corrosion resistance than platinum.