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Cartier Presents New Variations Of The Tank Louis Cartier

They’re all new but still very recognizable and unmistakably Cartier. Let’s check them out!Overall, Cartier speaks one of the most distinctive design languages in the watch industry. That’s why many of the brand’s designs, even though they have existed for decades, still look very unique. Arguably, the most famous design is the Tank. It’s always rectangular, but even within that realm, the brand can design many different-looking watches. Just look at the Cheap Cartier Replica Tank Française, Américaine, and Louis Cartier side by side.

Tank Américaine

It’s an elongated version of the Tank that feels a little more elegant on the wrist. I had the pleasure of trying on the outgoing model at a recent get-together, and I must say, I was surprised. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. I’ve always liked the classic Tank, but it was never very comfortable on me. Because of its curved case, the Tank Américaine Replica watches China feels more “connected” to the wrist.

The new design comes in Mini, Small, and Large sizes, and not a single one has a date window. And instead of the guilloché pattern, all of the dials are now brushed, with a sunburst pattern on the Mini and a vertically brushed finish on the Small and Large models. The lack of a seconds hand on both the Mini and Small sizes, which both house a quartz movement, isn’t that surprising.

The beauty is in the details

The best replica watches store in the world octagonal crown also seems to be less pronounced on the new Tank Américaine. This is funny because, on the new Tank Must and Tank Louis Cartier, the crown has actually become more pronounced. The lines within the track now seem to be floating rather than touching the outer and inner edges. Cartier also mentions having improved the transition from the strap to the case. All in all, this new Tank Américaine has been refined to the smallest detail.

All three of them will come in both steel and rose gold. In addition, you can get the Mini and Small models with diamonds on the brancards. And there’s even a rhodium-finished white gold version of the Mini with diamonds all over the brancards and the matching bracelet. We will update you on pricing once we have information on that.

Tank Louis Cartier

Alongside the updated Tank Américaine models, Cartier high quality best replica watches is also introducing new versions of the Tank Louis Cartier. The 1921 Tank LC is characterized by its gold case and manual-winding movement. Last year, La Maison introduced a version in yellow gold with a black dial and gold hands.The colors pair perfectly with the yellow gold case, and the gold hands jump right at you too. And there’s no seconds hands here either, of course, so as not to mess with the minimalist design approach.

One version comes in yellow gold, and it has a mosaic-like pattern with hundreds of tiny squares — I counted 396 — in white, yellow, and rose gold. To me, it almost looks like a beautiful golden sunset, or it could also be a golden winter storm. In any case, it’s a dial that you certainly won’t get bored of looking at on your wrist.The Cartier Replica with 80% Discount sunburst-brushed dial is also finished in white, yellow, and rose gold. But this time, the rectangles are a bit bigger, almost like lined-up dominos.

The house of finesse

Apart from being beautiful, these models are also very interesting to look at, which just makes you want to wear one. And even though they are new designs, they still feel very familiar. I’m a bit disappointed that Cartier Replica Watches For Sale got rid of the guilloché dials on the Tank Américaine. But on the other hand, it’s great that the designers also left out the date and the seconds hand.