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Two Concepts Of Cartier Watches: Goodbye Metal

In the warm and slow summer of Switzerland, Cartier released their latest concept table ID2 (ID2). It was a follow-on to the ID One watch a few years ago, and although it was completely different, it took an important step in the advancement that ID One tried to make (the future of mechanical watches). There are several ways to view ID 2. You can look at the gear-head look lover and awe, you can look at it as a luxury marketer and grab your head, or you can think from a consumer’s point of view, “This is cool, I want to buy a suitable one Price. “ID 2 will not be sold at any price because Cheap Cartier Replica Watches will not sell. In fact, as an iconic product and brand-defined concept product, it may be more valuable to them. However, well-designed concept statements and exquisite watches show the words between the lines of the word about how to revolutionize the entire luxury watch industry.

Although there are many new elements in ID 2, nothing is inherently new. What Cartier Replica Watches did was impressively using some very special materials and ideas to make a timepiece that the world had never seen before. The full mission of ID 2 is to improve the accuracy, reliability and efficiency of mechanical watch movements. So far, you’ve learned about technical achievements, and it does that — and there are a lot of dazzling things. It further reminds us of how much your basic mechanical watch was in the past. ID 2 aggressively declared, “If you want a future watch, you need to abandon the metal.” This is exactly what Cartier 2 and its theme brothers did.

There are metal elements in ID 2, but less than you think. Let’s start with the most famous non-metallic ingredients, this example. The ID 2 uses a 42 mm wide diameter housing, but one of them is made of ceramic. The name of transparent polycrystalline ceramics sounds sexy. In other words, this is a very hard, mostly transparent ceramic casing. I don’t know much about this material, but Cartier Replica says they are the first to use it as a case. Next is the crystal?

This box is not screwed. In fact, there is no air inside. This is the first watch I have heard of a vacuum sealed liner. The back of the case is vacuumed to the rest of the case – so don’t try to open it. The 99.5% airless space of the case reduces air-induced friction – primarily through the escapement. According to Cartier, removing air from the chassis can greatly improve the energy efficiency of the exercise by almost completely removing the energy lost due to air friction. Very cool. But when you think about the meaning, the problem becomes complicated. These are small things like how to seal the outer casing, how to adjust the movement, and how an airless space affects the movement. In short, Fake Cartier Watches must patent for something, remove all lubrication from the movement, and use some novelty materials that are almost friction-free and do not require oil. More advanced than standard silicon.

In this case, the metal mostly takes the form of a bridge, which is titanium. They are DLC coated, making them stronger and darker, and of course helping to reduce more friction. For the escapement, Best Cartier Replica Watches adopted the innovation of ID 1. There, an adjustment free escapement was developed. This means that once you put it in this situation, you don’t need to adjust its accuracy. It uses Cartier’s drive processing technology and a material they like to call “carbon crystals.”

Carbon crystals are a very fancy term, and Cartier’s marketers chose it to impress me. In fact, Cartier did not mention silicon at one time. If my understanding is correct, the carbon crystal is silicon, but Cartier uses a diamond coating on it. This is similar to Diamonsil – a technology of the Athenian company. The use of diamond-coated silicon (using a very special process) is a magical way to further reduce friction and make silicon more durable. ID 2 uses all carbon crystal components – including balance wheels and other components. They don’t need lubrication and live happily in an area without air. More and more metals are being ignored. Although metal has its advantages, it has recently been masked by high-tech materials that have unique properties in mechanical motion. What impact will this have on the watch industry? Is there any inherently precious or extravagant non-metallic watch?

Cartier is pleased to point out that the ID Two watch is so efficient that there is a 32-day power reserve between the dual main barrels. Yes, more than a month. They need to be brighter than Lange 31, isn’t it? The main spring in ID 2 is not made of metal, but made of fiberglass. Let’s imagine. The material is said to contain more energy than metal, based on the striking energy efficiency of fiberglass springs and ID 2 movements, showing an amazingly long energy reserve. Of course, it is worth noting that another factor helps to improve efficiency. This is a new type of gear transmission that transfers power from the escapement to the hand. Cartier claims that the ID 2 is 30% more powerful than a regular watch and consumes half the power of an ordinary watch. With such numbers, you can begin to understand what is done.

As far as I know, the ID Two concept table is not about time or even precision. This is about Cartier showing the world its focus on developing unique and innovative technologies that bring aura to their other products. ID 2 watch technology will be expected in the future of watches. In fact, there is already a point. Cartier produced a limited edition carbon crystal part Astrotourbillon. I will introduce it in detail next time. In the case of metal, this is interesting, but in a perfect world, you will be replaced by unnatural machine parts that are hard to remember with names and clear personality. The impact of this incident is that the humanity of high-end watch manufacturing worldwide and the traditions soaked in the industry have been erased. So give it ten years, let us look at the development of things.

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Rotonde de Cartier Mystery Watch for Levitas

The term “mystery” (whether English or French) used in a watch or watch means that some of its mechanisms or operations are hidden from the user. In this case, this means you can’t immediately see how the hand is connected. Both watches will fight for your mysterious dollar in 2013.

It can be said that the real difference between the “mystery” watch innovators is the Swiss brand Quinting. These people have made some very interesting electronic quartz watches that have been using transparent sapphire crystals for years to fix the pointer to create an “invisible setting” effect. They have some cool things like timers and other interesting watches that apply this principle. Although neat, I think Quentin is still a bit of a struggle, considering their high price and the interior of the quartz movement. This is not to say that this is not very good. At the front end of the mechanical watch, you have some new mysterious watches to choose Konstantin Chakin, now Cartier Replica.

I have to say that Cartier is one of the most impressive brands of SIHH in 2013. A pair of mysterious watches make us excited watch writers. Cartier now has a long history of mysterious clocks. Nearly 100 years ago, they made a series of beautiful mystery desks and fireplace clocks. This tradition has now been reduced to a pair of high-end watches in the high-end watch collection. One is the Cartier mystery watch, and the other is the Cartier double tourbillon mysterious watch. There may be specific articles in the latter article, so stay tuned for more information on this article.

A few months ago, Cheap Cartier Replica Watches released our favorite (and possibly the only) Russian watch manufacturer Konstantin Chaykin to release his new Levitas mystery watch collection. These two watches are very similar in execution and principle. In fact, laymen may misunderstand them from a distance. I don’t know if the release of these two watches is coincidental, but the interesting thing is that they are all released at the same time. Constantine Chakin is a small independent watch manufacturer. He is not a threat to Cartier, but he does technically defeat them. Let’s take a closer look at these parts and see the relationship between them – because the price difference is very significant.

Cartier’s Rotonde mysterious watch is very cute, and the price in 2013 was 18k white or rose gold. I think the steel frame model will never appear. In this example, the rotonde style is 42 mm wide and has many different Cartier Replica Watches styles. You will get a typical engraved dial engraved with black parts and Roman numerals. Then there is the “hole” where you can see the hand. To prevent you from getting familiar with these systems, this action moves two transparent sapphire crystals with pointers on them. It creates the illusion that both hands float in the air. This effect is very interesting, but when I first posted this photo on Instagram and Facebook, many people commented that it is not sexy to see your arm hair through the watch.

Inside the Cartier Rotonde Mystery watch is an in-house manufactured caliber 9981 MC, which consists of 158 parts and operates at 21,800 bph. It has a 48-hour power reserve and is only 4.61 mm thick. The entire Cartier watch is only 11.6 mm thick. Overall, this is a nice sport. At the back of the watch you can see the whole movement. The challenge of motion like this is to move relatively heavy discs, which will greatly affect accuracy.

The Levitas watch and Konstantin Chaykin also have a different internal KMR 02-0 manual wound movement. What I mean by “a bit different” means a little different. Only a nerd who watches sports will have a lot to say. These two movements are closely related in function. You will notice that the Levitas watch has a significantly larger opening for the “mysterious” dial. This means that the space of this car is much smaller, which is a big challenge for the Cartier 9981 MC. It works slower than 18,000 parts per million and has a shorter 33 hours of power reserve. Konstantin Chaykin also admits that this system is not very precise, because it has a disc that is heavy like a sapphire, and its movement accuracy can reach 30-45 seconds per day. Unless told, I guess Cartier’s movement is not much different from this number because of the same problem. Having said that, I think Cartier’s watch may be more precise because its dial is smaller. Finally, it is worth noting that there are two versions of the Konstantin Chaykin mysterious movement because there are two watch sizes. The larger one contains an additional complex factor – the moon phase indicator.

As you can see, these movements are not much different. Konstantin Chaykin offers a larger mystery dial and a moon phase indicator on the menswear version, while the Cartier watch offers longer battery reserves and more accurate accuracy. – and the satisfactory Fake Cartier Watches name. Not sure if a person should wear this watch, assuming it will be accurate, except to show you exactly how many “watches bronze” you have. Both watches have a precious metal case to choose from, but Konstantin Chaykin Levitas also has a steel case.

The mystery of Cartier Rotonde is 42 mm wide, while the men’s version of Levitas is 44 mm wide. As I said, there are 18k white or rosy gold to choose from, as well as steel frames to choose from. Please note that Best Cartier Replica Watches also offers a diamond-set full set of diamonds. Konstantin Chaykin also offers some dial variants with Roman or Arabic numerals and other decorative elements on the dial. There are also several kinds of hands. There is no doubt that Cartier’s style is more classic, but Konstantin Chaykin’s style is more unique.

There is a 40 mm wide version of the Levida as a female work. It also has an “art” range with interesting and higher-end dials. Some of Levitas’ art models also have a diamond shell (in case you want to know). Having said that, 2013 is undoubtedly a good year for mysterious watches. If these watches are sold, we will know soon. I think these watches are cool and will do quite well. Of course, there are some practical considerations for wearing these watches—that is, every time you or your friend looks at the watch, you will see a part of the wrist through the watch. Someone suggested to me (joking, but you can do this), you can choose to scrape a circular area under the dial of your wrist. So be sure to do it.

These mechanical mystery watches are not cheap, and it is foreseeable that Cartier’s Rotonde mystery watches are more expensive. These retail prices are $52,500, with pink gold at W1556223 and white gold at $56,000. Konstantin Chaykin’s Levitas collection offers more styles ranging from €20,950 for steel to €26,500 for rose gold. The price of a smaller lady with a handmade dial is between 30,000 and 35,000 euros.

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Cartier Earth and Moon Torbillon Watch

In the past few years, Cheap Cartier Replica Watches has earned a high degree of innovation with its most unique timepieces. In fact, it takes a lot of effort and luck to be innovative and innovative on mechanical watches. More than once, someone told me that what I can do on my watch has already been done, and what a watchmaker can do today is to explain and play with the concepts of the previous invention. So when you see something new, no matter how whimsical or fun the luxury watch is, it’s worth paying attention to.

What about the 2014 Earth and Moon Tourbillon watch by Rotonde de Cartier Replica Watches? It uses a circular window on the dial to display the tourbillon and as a phase indicator for the moon. This system is fairly simple and can only be seen when needed. When the pusher is pressed at 4 o’clock, a disc is removed from below the 4-point indicator and passes through a portion of the tourbillon window. The shape left by the window represents the current phase of the moon. When it returns to its resting state, the tourbillon is once again visible in its full glory.

No, this does not mean new features, metrics or real complexity. This is a clever combination of features that make this luxury watch more interesting than the previous one. Suddenly, we want to know why there are no more windows, round windows that have been idle for many years. It’s as if all the open windows are used as moon phase indicators. Such an application is so obvious that we missed it. This is the cleverness of Cartier today, and to be honest, in many other places. This also shows how difficult it is to find new things today. Despite this, Cartier Replica seems to do this several times a year, for which I have to applaud and appreciate their contribution to the watch industry.

I think the reason that these watches resonate with me is that they respect the long tradition of watchmaking, but they are not interested in drawing inspiration directly from the past. What I usually know about things is naturally to claim that when I started reading a press release that only engaged in planning the history of a person or product from the 18th or 19th century was eventually only honored with the associated new product brand. Fake Cartier Watches does not do this. Instead, they use the least nonsense in the first place to accurately talk about the function of the watch in a clear language. In other words, they don’t use beautiful words to hide ordinary details.

The Round Earth and Moon Watch is a visually beautiful creation, relying on one of my favorite stones; lapis lazuli. This gleaming blue rock forms the majority of the dial as the backdrop for the 18k white gold portion of the skeleton that makes up most of the indicators and markings. Celestite always has a very “sacred” quality, just like the home on the watch dial. Especially like this, the theme of astronomy. The tourbillon/moon is adjacent to the image of the Earth, which is located in the center of the time dial. This is a good effect and visually appealing display.

In addition to the tourbillon and moon phase indicator, the watch also has a Greenwich Mean Time display. The second time zone is displayed on the disk and the time is displayed at 12 o’clock. Greenwich time is adjusted by a 2 o’clock putter. The power of this watch is Cartier mechanical manual winding movement, called calibre 9440 MC. According to reports, this watch is produced in cooperation with neighboring Renaud & Papi. It runs at 21,600 bph (3 Hz) and has a three-day power reserve. The Mobile Bridge has a great exterior building that can be seen through the back of the case.

Cartier continues to cater to the tastes of modern people in the size of watches. Cartier’s Earth and Moon Tourbillon will be a stately 47 mm wide white gold casing. There will be a sapphire crystal Kabo Xiong in the crown because… it is Swiss Cartier Watches. The combination of dark blue and platinum gold should be perfect, with a black alligator strap attached to the round case.

Although the Round Earth and Moon Tourbillon are not worn everyday, it is a uniquely designed watch that is both formal and complex. Cartier watches tend to be elegantly appealing to them, but this is one of the first ultra-high-end watches I recommend, and may play the role of a tuxedo watch. Earth and the moon’s tourbillon are another imaginative, beautiful and undeniable cool thing in the Cartier watch collection. Cartier will only produce 50 limited edition suits, and another 10 bezels set with diamonds. Prices will be $316,500 and $674,500, respectively.