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Two Concepts Of Cartier Watches: Goodbye Metal

In the warm and slow summer of Switzerland, Cartier released their latest concept table ID2 (ID2). It was a follow-on to the ID One watch a few years ago, and although it was completely different, it took an important step in the advancement that ID One tried to make (the future of mechanical watches). There are several ways to view ID 2. You can look at the gear-head look lover and awe, you can look at it as a luxury marketer and grab your head, or you can think from a consumer’s point of view, “This is cool, I want to buy a suitable one Price. “ID 2 will not be sold at any price because Cheap Cartier Replica Watches will not sell. In fact, as an iconic product and brand-defined concept product, it may be more valuable to them. However, well-designed concept statements and exquisite watches show the words between the lines of the word about how to revolutionize the entire luxury watch industry.

Although there are many new elements in ID 2, nothing is inherently new. What Cartier Replica Watches did was impressively using some very special materials and ideas to make a timepiece that the world had never seen before. The full mission of ID 2 is to improve the accuracy, reliability and efficiency of mechanical watch movements. So far, you’ve learned about technical achievements, and it does that — and there are a lot of dazzling things. It further reminds us of how much your basic mechanical watch was in the past. ID 2 aggressively declared, “If you want a future watch, you need to abandon the metal.” This is exactly what Cartier 2 and its theme brothers did.

There are metal elements in ID 2, but less than you think. Let’s start with the most famous non-metallic ingredients, this example. The ID 2 uses a 42 mm wide diameter housing, but one of them is made of ceramic. The name of transparent polycrystalline ceramics sounds sexy. In other words, this is a very hard, mostly transparent ceramic casing. I don’t know much about this material, but Cartier Replica says they are the first to use it as a case. Next is the crystal?

This box is not screwed. In fact, there is no air inside. This is the first watch I have heard of a vacuum sealed liner. The back of the case is vacuumed to the rest of the case – so don’t try to open it. The 99.5% airless space of the case reduces air-induced friction – primarily through the escapement. According to Cartier, removing air from the chassis can greatly improve the energy efficiency of the exercise by almost completely removing the energy lost due to air friction. Very cool. But when you think about the meaning, the problem becomes complicated. These are small things like how to seal the outer casing, how to adjust the movement, and how an airless space affects the movement. In short, Fake Cartier Watches must patent for something, remove all lubrication from the movement, and use some novelty materials that are almost friction-free and do not require oil. More advanced than standard silicon.

In this case, the metal mostly takes the form of a bridge, which is titanium. They are DLC coated, making them stronger and darker, and of course helping to reduce more friction. For the escapement, Best Cartier Replica Watches adopted the innovation of ID 1. There, an adjustment free escapement was developed. This means that once you put it in this situation, you don’t need to adjust its accuracy. It uses Cartier’s drive processing technology and a material they like to call “carbon crystals.”

Carbon crystals are a very fancy term, and Cartier’s marketers chose it to impress me. In fact, Cartier did not mention silicon at one time. If my understanding is correct, the carbon crystal is silicon, but Cartier uses a diamond coating on it. This is similar to Diamonsil – a technology of the Athenian company. The use of diamond-coated silicon (using a very special process) is a magical way to further reduce friction and make silicon more durable. ID 2 uses all carbon crystal components – including balance wheels and other components. They don’t need lubrication and live happily in an area without air. More and more metals are being ignored. Although metal has its advantages, it has recently been masked by high-tech materials that have unique properties in mechanical motion. What impact will this have on the watch industry? Is there any inherently precious or extravagant non-metallic watch?

Cartier is pleased to point out that the ID Two watch is so efficient that there is a 32-day power reserve between the dual main barrels. Yes, more than a month. They need to be brighter than Lange 31, isn’t it? The main spring in ID 2 is not made of metal, but made of fiberglass. Let’s imagine. The material is said to contain more energy than metal, based on the striking energy efficiency of fiberglass springs and ID 2 movements, showing an amazingly long energy reserve. Of course, it is worth noting that another factor helps to improve efficiency. This is a new type of gear transmission that transfers power from the escapement to the hand. Cartier claims that the ID 2 is 30% more powerful than a regular watch and consumes half the power of an ordinary watch. With such numbers, you can begin to understand what is done.

As far as I know, the ID Two concept table is not about time or even precision. This is about Cartier showing the world its focus on developing unique and innovative technologies that bring aura to their other products. ID 2 watch technology will be expected in the future of watches. In fact, there is already a point. Cartier produced a limited edition carbon crystal part Astrotourbillon. I will introduce it in detail next time. In the case of metal, this is interesting, but in a perfect world, you will be replaced by unnatural machine parts that are hard to remember with names and clear personality. The impact of this incident is that the humanity of high-end watch manufacturing worldwide and the traditions soaked in the industry have been erased. So give it ten years, let us look at the development of things.