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Cheap Cartier Replica has done something that seems to go completely against its dedication, especially in the past few years when it has emphasized its identity as a house of classic watch designs that follow its well-known case geometry innovations and reflect its design language from the past. In fact, this year, Cartier launched new Tortue models in its Privé collection, including the new Tortue Monopoussoir – both of which were instant hits and both of which are likely to be extremely difficult to obtain due to limited production.

However, another new product from Cartier has left many scratching their heads, and even at first, people think it is inexplicable madness from Cartier top replica luxury watches, whose aristocratic stability and attitude that transcends the ebb and flow of fleeting tastes are rarely matched by other brands. This new product is the Cartier Santos Dumont Rewind, whose movement is set so that the hands run backwards. That is, counterclockwise.

In a way, this idea would be shocking from any brand, but it’s particularly shocking from Cartier Replica Watches Shop For Men; you look at a watch that at first glance looks like a thoroughly conventional and conventionally attractive Santos Dumont, and you see inverted Roman numerals. There are others, though, including reverse-time watches designed to satirize politicians on both ends of the political spectrum.

The Cartier Crash replica watches for sale subverted the whole idea of ​​geometric regularity, and circular geometry in particular, as a natural and even necessary reflection of the fundamental nature of time. The Santos Dumont Rewind does something similar, except instead of subverting the sense of time as a repeating cycle, it subverts the fundamental arrow of time itself. Technically, this isn’t a very difficult thing to do – if you wanted to make a mechanical watch run in reverse, I suppose, you’d just add a wheel with a one-to-one gear ratio to the movement.

The Rewind is both an exercise in subverting preconceptions – like the Crash – and in subverting the mental habit of reading time clockwise; it reminds us that what we think of as part of the natural order, or even a manifestation of it, is actually a convention. I think the only thing missing is a missed opportunity to have the Roman numerals mirror themselves for a true mirror effect, but perhaps Cartier replica watch discussion knows that when it comes to disrupting basic habits, you have to walk before you run.

Cartier Santos Dumont Replica: Case, 31.4mm x 7.3mm, platinum with cabochon rubies; water-resistant to 30 meters. Dial, carnelian with inverted Roman numerals. Movement, calibre 230 MC (MC 430 based on Piaget’s calibre 430P) 20.5mm x 2.15mm, 18 jewels, 21,600 vph.