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Cartier Santos-Dumont Watches With New Lacquer Bezel

In 2022, Cartier releases a new line of Santos-Dumont watches that most people agree are objectively beautiful. While we don’t have new movements or new case styles in these products, what we have is an interesting style statement from Cheap Cartier Replica that offers an Art Deco aesthetic that corresponds to the era when products like Santos timepieces were popular.

While these are classified as men’s watches, they come in smaller sizes and are suitable for more formal attire. The size does match how vintage Cartier Santos-Dumont Replica watches are worn. The case measures 31.4mm wide, 43.5mm lug-to-lug, and only 7.3mm thick. Inside each case is a mechanical movement based on the Piaget 430P, called the Cartier 430 MC. The very slim chronograph movement is hand-wound, runs at 3 Hz and has a power reserve of 38 hours.

The core novelty of these three watches is the use of a case with lacquered elements engraved on the metal case, and a beautiful dial design with a series of concentric square shapes. Still, the traditional The Best Cartier Replica Watches dial features “railway” minute markers and Roman numeral hour markers.

Dial contrast varies from person to person, with the platinum model having the highest contrast and legibility as it has a light-colored dial. Cartier’s colours are interesting here, and arguably the platinum version of the new Cartier Santos-Dumont Replica Watches China with a burgundy (“burgundy”, as our friends in the UK like to call it) colour is the most stunning.

The only non-limited edition is the all-new steel Santos-Dumont. This model is available in a two-tone black and silver finish, with a black dial and part of the case painted in black. Cartier Quality Replica Watches does not have an 18k rose gold version of the Santos-Dumont for shooting purposes, but you can see pictures of this variant from our previous news article about this new watch collection.

Don’t miss the little details, such as the blue sapphire crystal or spinel crown cabochon on the steel and 18k rose gold models, and the red ruby ​​cabochon that matches the platinum case version. Of course, the Cartier 1:1 Replica Watches matching alligator leather strap is comfortable to wear, the colors are perfectly matched, and it comes with a matching metal pin buckle. While they’re not always as high-end as deployment buckles, they’re often more practical and comfortable, not to mention smaller.

Cartier Replica, Cartier Santos Replica, Cartier Santos-Dumont Replica, Replica Watches

Best Replica New Cartier Santos-Dumont XL Hand-Wind Watches For 2020

Few modern watchmakers can match Cartier replica watches when adopting a century-old but evergreen design. The 2020 new Cartier Santos-Dumont XL manual winding watch series, three of the new series of fake watches, all use manual winding movement, and now it is a stainless steel model.

Replica Santos-Dumont XL Hand-Wind Watches

Cartier Santos replica watch is not only opening the way for pilot watches, but also for men’s watches in general. In more than a century of history, Santos has many things to many people.The short and chubby Santos XL was a star in the late 2000s and early 2010s, followed by the still larger Santos. 100.

The great best replica watch itself does not have the exquisiteness of the early cheap Cartier Santos watches. The significant expansion of the Santos-Dumont series under the name “-Dumont” marks a completely different appearance, making those smaller watches develop in such a refined direction. This trend still exists in the 2020 Cartier Santos-Dumont XL manual-winding watch. There are three variations: 18k rose gold, a two-color watch with 18k rose gold and stainless steel, and an all-steel watch. They are all called “super large” by Cartier replica watches, measuring 46.6 mm x 33.9 mm, and having a thickness of 7.5 mm, which is impressive.

Cartier Santos-Dumont XL manual winding series, the crown is your only interactive device, and is the only manual winding indicator movement, on the case back is also written “mécanique” in small letters. In this design, the number of running seconds is as unforgettable as a date window, but the open bottom cover, even if there is only a small hole in a certain place, can reveal all the bridges covered by Cartier replica watches’ “C” , This is a nice small change.

The new ultra-thin movement of the AAA replica watches can expand the power reserve. This older 430P/430MC movement provides a shorter power reserve of 38 hours, which matches the lower operating frequency of 21,600bph. In practice, this means you will want to entangle this beauty every day-to be sure, this is a welcome thing.

Cartier Replica, Cartier Santos-Dumont Replica, Replica Watches

First Glance:High Quatily Cartier Engraved Santos-Dumont Limited-Edition Replica Watches

The Cartier Santos-Dumont replica watches may not follow a general formula, but one of the first specially manufactured pilot watches. The name and the legacy that followed can be traced back to Alberto Santos-Dumont, who was one of the first people ever to fly by plane.

In 2020, Cartier replica watches will focus on Alberto Santos-Dumont, launching three limited edition watches, these tourbillon replica watches are designed for his greatest flying machine: Santos-Dumont Limited-Edition “Le Brésil,” Santos- Dumont Limited-Edition “La Baladeuse,” Santos-Dumont Limited-Edition “no. 14 bis”

The three new high quatily replica watches all start with the iconic shape of the large 43.5 mm Santos-Dumont case, while the square dial and its unique bezel remain unchanged, but the three new models all interpret it with different materials. “Le Brésil” is the most luxurious in the series, with all platinum treatment, plus the ruby ​​cabochon crown and the monumental engraving of the simple and elegant airship of the same name by Santos-Dumont since 1898.

“La Baladeuse” replica watch uses the classic Cartier 18k gold method with a sapphire top crown. As the name suggests, there are engravings of the small motorized “La Baladeuse” airship used by Santos-Dumont to fly in Paris around the back of the watch. “No. 14 bis” is made of beautiful two-tone stainless steel and 18k gold, and is equipped with a blue spinel crown. There is no carving here.

The dials of these three cheap replica watches follow a similar pattern. “Le Brésil” has a sparkling silver sunburst pattern with polished numbers and a gray hilt. “La Baladeuse” retains the old Cartier replica watch with champagne Color sunburst dial with black printed numerals and blue hands. And “no. 14 bis” uses a more modern male approach, with a charcoal gray sunburst dial in sharp contrast with the golden hands.

All three top replica watches are powered by manual winding movements, which provide a 38-hour power reserve. “Le Brésil” and “no. 14 bis” choose a clean gray alligator leather strap, but the original conservative “La Baladeuse” uses a left field with an earthy yellow olive-green strap.

Cheap Cartier replica watch is well-known for preserving iconic forms, and this newly carved Santos-Dumont trilogy is a good example. Although these three have Santos-Dumont aesthetics in different directions, there is nothing out of fashion or extreme here.