Cartier Crash Radieuse Replica

Cartier Crash Skeleton Watch Allows Men To Do It Themselves

Want a watch that is almost guaranteed to be a fascinating collector? Then you might want to take a closer look at Cartier’s unique and rare cuisine. Of course, I am referring to the 2015 Cartier crash skeleton, which adds a new male version of the famous crash watch to Cartier’s old modern watch family.

In 2012, Cartier Replica Watches decided to relaunch its quirky “crash” series (for women). Very strange because. I spent more time discussing the story of Cartier’s crash watch in the article linked above. Cartier (perhaps understandable) did not create a real watch in the market as I think collectors should have. According to Cartier, this is a simple by-product of the “swinging London” of the 1960s. This is technically correct, but the more terrible reality is much more interesting.

The organic, melted look of this watch is no accident. It actually represents a melted watch – the Cartier watch crashed in a burning car accident, and the “deformed” watch was the only thing the wearer survived. Cartier decided to produce watches based on melted watches, which were later named “Cartier Crash.” “At the end of the 1960s, Cartier’s collision with some of the original models still existed, and I think they will be very interesting collector models.”

Originally a male watch, when the Cheap Cartier Replica Watches crash occurred again in 2012, it was a feminine watch with a cute bracelet and diamonds studded with an 18k white or rose gold case. The strange and unique Cartier crash is still a bipolar design that some people cherish, and has been ridiculed by others. It does have a special appeal, although I’m not sure if I can wear it, but I have a definite appeal to its appearance.

Although the Cartier women’s collision watch was smaller in size, 25.5 mm wide and 38.45 mm high, the Cartier collision skeleton watch launched in 2015 is more designed for men, and its case is more Large, dial and dial are also more skeleton. In 2015, in a solid platinum casing, the Cartier collision skeleton has a width of 28.15 mm and a height of 45.32 mm (thanks for your accurate measurement of these dimensions, Cartier). This does not make the crash huge, but the increased size, especially the height, will make this unique creation more masculine.

When I wrote this article about this watch, our David Bredan was the one in the picture who wore a Fake Cartier Watches collision skeleton watch. You can see that it doesn’t look too small on the wrist, and its proportion reminds me of the appearance of Jegler Treville. I don’t know if I will wear Cartier’s quick skeleton with short sleeves, because that might make it look smaller.

From a technical point of view, the most interesting element of the Cartier Collision Framework is how Cartier used his now iconic sports skeleton design aesthetics to make a more organic “melting” appearance crash case. The in-house production and hand-finished Cartier caliber 9618 MC manual wound movement is designed to “move” with box shapes – providing something I have never seen before.

Imagine a skeletonized movement that is more organic in design and less conservative in “angularity”. It seems to be a simple matter, but it is very rare to perform this movement. Large companies like Cartier make it even more special, because although Cartier Replica is a name collector, it will be known for a long time to come, and models like Cartier’s collapse skeleton are very rare.

At the top of the squat action is a skull face with Roman numerals engraved on it. The edges of the numbers are hand-beveled and look more high-end. Taking into account this level of precision, Cartier put watches such as the Crash Skeleton in the more prestigious “high watchmaking” product category.

The 9618 MC motion operates at 4 Hz (28,800 bph) with an energy reserve of approximately 72 hours (impressive in size) and consists of 138 components. It only shows the time and time, on the dial by two blued steel sword pointers. In addition to the platinum case, Cartier’s crash skeleton has a platinum crown (with blue sapphire Kaboxiong) that matches a black alligator strap. This watch has an avant-garde elegance, and although it is the same as Cartier’s aesthetic, it is less unusual than the elegant and conservative look that people usually think of. I’m pretty sure that if Cartier’s collapse is not part of Cartier’s history, today’s company will never release this character and design watch.

As a male watch, the Swiss Cartier Watches collision skeleton is sure to become a acquired taste. I think it looks great, and David likes it too. When producing such a watch, Cartier undoubtedly believes that it is best to have a small attraction. “Niche attraction” is indeed one of the most important reasons I like the luxury watch industry – because it has a certain degree of risk-taking ability, allowing a small number of people who are really connected with it to produce wild products. I just hope that more timers like this can bring “democratic pricing.” This is not the real situation, because the cost of this “luxury collision” can be expected from a solid platinum watch with a skeleton. The Cartier Crash Skeleton watch is priced at $78,500.