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Cartier Calibre Diver Watch Review

Cartier’s Calibre dive watch combines the luxury of design and prestige with the durability of a sports watch. Is it? Is it two? Considering that Cartier is one of the few major luxury watch brands, these issues are very good questions and can be asked questions. Cartier has always been making sure that the fashion lifestyle watches they design for men are based almost exclusively on the principles of sport.

Think of Cartier’s main watch collections, such as Santos, Pasha, Roadster, Tank, and Calibre. There are of course exceptions, but these watches are at least inspirational or the subject of flying, driving, diving, etc. Yes, Cheap Cartier Replica Watches has extended these watches to some very high-end watches, but in their hearts, they are basically some form of sports watches.

When the original Cartier Calibre watch came out (comment here), I would definitely point out the sport/dressing style of this design. Now, Cartier has introduced a Calibre submersible designed for diving, further enhancing this sporty feel. So would you choose the 18k rose gold dive from Cartier number CRW7100052 (aka W7100052)? I won’t, but if you feel that it is a good idea to sink Cartier into the sea, they will provide the steel version. So why does the watch exist?

Let’s start with a premise that most luxury watch brands like to have sports watches, which is not the first time for Cartier. This is just the latest in a number of high-end watches that are meant to suggest an athlete’s lifestyle, even though diving is just a small bubble in the pool. Rolex’s Submariner was originally a professional diving watch, but today it is much better than the original, but its owner prefers the baby.

In my opinion, this situation is very similar to the Cartier Replica Watches level diver. In theory, you have a 300m waterproof diving watch, but in fact you have a luxury SUV, and the owners are not willing to take it off the paved road. As a luxury toy, it is certainly satisfying, especially for those who want to combine advanced design with a certain degree of masculinity. Although you may have different opinions on this matter, most Western men confirm that the watch is too boring and cannot be worn “arbitrarily.”

When Cartier officially launched the Cartier Calibre diver, aBlogtoWatch was hands-on in early 2014. There you can see hand-drawn pictures in steel and 18k rose gold. When this is a sports watch, why should we review the gold version? First of all, I think the black dial with a rose gold case is very eye-catching. Secondly, I think this is a luxury lifestyle sports watch, why Don’t you take luxury elements all the time?

One interesting aspect of Cartier’s Calibre submersible is that, in many respects, it has little visual change compared to the standard “Calibre de Cartier” timer. Even the price of a dive watch of the same caliber and a dive watch of the same caliber are not so different. So what is the main difference? It can actually be boiled down to two things: rotating the diver’s style baffle and increasing the resistance of the water. Otherwise, the choice between the Fake Cartier Watches caliper and the caliper diver will be a matter of personal style and preference.

In my opinion, I think Calibre (the whole series) is a Cartier men’s watch. It offers the most modern design, an in-house made sport, huge size, and a sport that attracts Cartier, many people are looking for today. Of course, with my love for the watch, I tend to say that Cartier’s Calibre diver is the best choice, but let’s take a look at the details.

As a fan of the style of the rotating diver’s style, I welcome this element to add to the entire caliper design. The inner corners and slightly glossy borders are made of aDLC coated steel, which gives it considerable scratch resistance and provides a slightly different look than the ceramic borders you see today. The ceramic frame is usually flat or angular, and the border on the cone is made with a slightly softer edge that I like.

The diver’s border is a major element that allows Cartier Replica to give Cartier an ISO 6425 “diving watch rating” and another major element (except the dial lume) is the watch’s depth rating. A diving expert with 300 meters of water resistance is a true “diving watch”. Although this element is a bit interesting.

One of my main dissatisfaction with Cartier’s original Calibre watch is that it is relatively poorly waterproof, only 30 meters. If you are a sports watch, I might like 100 meters, but 30 meters is the same as the most exquisite dress watch. I am not particularly satisfied with this number. As I said, the height of a Best Cartier Replica Watches athlete is 300 meters. So what did Cartier change?

Honestly, I don’t know all the changes, but most people can’t see them. This means that for many people who want to find something that matches their athletic performance on high-end watches, the diver may be a better one. s Choice. The Cartier Calibre submersible has a strong rucksack, a downwardly screwed top cover, and a one-millimeter-thick outer casing. This is the resistance from 30 meters to 300 meters. The original caliper had a 10 mm thick casing, while the caliper diver was only 11 mm thick. Many brands even call 11mm “ultra-thin watches.”

I may have mentioned this in the past, but I really like the idea of ​​a thin diving watch (although I am ironic, I also like thick diving watches). The 42mm wide, 11mm thick diving expert wears a pair of very nice glasses on the wrist, its width is impressive, and the shape of the diving watch is very slim.

How thin is the 11 mm diving watch? Very thin. Let’s compare it. My Rolex submarine 114060 is about 12.75 mm thick, while a modern Omega Sailor Planet Ocean 8500 sports slightly less than 16 mm thick. As you can see, the divers in Cartier Castilla have great advantages. Of course, the Omega 600 meters is twice as waterproof as Omega, but since it is a very popular watch, I think it is helpful to compare how thin your Omega watch is to your wrist.

The final blow of the caliper is always impressive, as is the diver of the Cartier caliper. Most of the boxes have been brushed, but there are some thin bevels that greatly increase the overall appeal. On the side of the crown of the watch, the smooth thin lines around the crown shield are lovely and help frame the typical sapphire crystal Kaboxiong in the crown. In fact, it looks black, but under the light, you can see that cabochon is actually dark blue. I think Cartier did this to help it match the black tones of the watch.

On the dial, you can see some changes compared to the standard Cartier caliper. At first glance, they look the same, but looking at them side by side, you can see the redesigned minute trajectory, the secondary seconds dial, and the increased amount of lume. This is not to say that one person is more attractive than another, but it is important to be aware of the differences. Each one is quite clear and offers a dial with half Roman numerals and a half baton hour mark style.

The minute-by-second dial on Cartier’s Calibre submersible is very clear, with a pair of white hands that look very matte. In my opinion, in my opinion, this hour and one minute hand may have been widened a bit because the diver looks more energetic, but it is not very bad. Of course, there is also an “open date window”, I don’t like it, but I have learned to live with it on a beautiful dial like Calibre. Above the dial is a slightly spherical sapphire crystal. It works very well, but I think it can benefit from an extra anti-reflective (AR) coating.

The Cartier Calibre diver is the same sport as the standard caliber submersible, which is the interior of the Cartier 1904MC. This movement, also known as 1904-PS MC, has an energy reserve of 48 hours and a run time of 4 Hz. The watch is about 4 mm thick and attractive, and Cartier’s main main movement is designed to power many watches. Of course, you can’t see it from the back of the watch, but that’s part of Cartier’s Calibre diver’s “diving” watch character.

As of 2014, this 18k rose gold Cartier Calibre submersible is currently the highest-end model. There is no such thing on the bracelet, but other Cartier’s Calibre diver models do. According to my glimpse, the bracelet should be worn to complete the whole shape, but for the most fit and sporty clothes, the rubber strap is perfect. This is a very comfortable watch, which is the best choice when you have to “play” and wear gold.

Of course, steel and dual-tone Cartier Cartier diving watches may be more popular. The steel on the steel bracelet Cartier submersible may be the most popular model with its “submarine style” steel and black appearance. Although Cartier’s bracelet is great and looks good, it doesn’t yet offer a sophisticated micro-adjustment system that competes with products from other companies such as Rolex and Omega.

Cartier has a name that many people want, and the Cartier submersible is a watch for men looking for sports watches to have an elegant, truly durable watch in the Cartier brand. It may not be used for real diving, but Cartier knows this. In fact, there are very few luxury diving watches.

As a lifestyle that is both designed and prestigious, the Cartier Calibre diver is a success. Starting at $8,200, Cartier Calibre divers use belts on steel. This price is higher than the standard caliper of the crocodile leather strap of $7,450. Cartier’s Calibre steel submersible is priced at $8,900, while the two-tone steel and gold models on the strap are priced at $10,600 and $13,000, respectively. The 18W Rose Gold Cartier Calibre diving watch, numbered CRW7100052 (W7100052), is priced at $28,100.